One of a kind studio space

4 photos and video shoots w/ theater space


About the Space

We are a new spot Productions Inc. a true family-owned business. We own an underground office space with space to film 2- to 3-person interviews and an area for photoshoots. With the rental of the location, we do include the entire space, including 2 fully built computers for editing. A theater space with a great sound system. Lastly, a qtr acre of land in the back with real grass and 8 trees that can be used for whatever you like. Events, commercials, etc.

Operating Hours

Monday: All day (24 hours)
Tuesday: All day (24 hours)
Wednesday: All day (24 hours)
Thursday: All day (24 hours)
Friday: All day (24 hours)
Saturday: 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: All day (24 hours)

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