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Jeremy Hernandez
President/CEO - A1T Productions & Photography Inc.

Jeremy Hernandez is a fun and friendly camera operator. He has a cinematic eye that is sure to bring out the beauty, in any event, he works on. He has many skills including the ability to operate a drone. His goal is to make a fun and family-friendly work environment for all who work with him. He loves to laugh and joke around while working his magic with the camera. He is always willing to learn more about the film industry and what it is like to work with various cameras and gear.

Student Emmys

Jeremy has won 4 student Emmys back in college for Directing, Cinematography, writing, short form.


Best Picture & Best Cinematography

Film Production Company Las Vegas
Celyna Hernandez
Vice President & Co-Founder - A1T Productions & Photography Inc.

Celyna Hernandez is quiet but extremely friendly. She often sees the things he doesn’t. She has aspirations to work as an event planner and always puts her best foot forward no matter the job. Skilled in the ability to write and communicate with others, she does more of the behind the scenes work like communicating with clients through emails or various other forms. Although she is quiet, she is fun and friendly and always strives to create a family-friendly working environment for the clients.

Outstanding senior award:

Was the best student in the program during her high school career


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