What do we do?!

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Blog by A1T Productions & Photography Inc.

In our last post, I was able to let you guys know about our team. And by team I mean Jeremy and I and what we do as a family to make A1T Productions & Photography Inc. a successful business. However, I don’t think that just getting to know us is enough. I know I said I would introduce you guys to some of our other family members, but that’s not what this post is about, well not entirely. Today, I think I should tell you guys a little about what it is that our company does, what we want to be known for, our goals, etc. With that being said, Let’s get down to business (if you didn’t get the disney reference, I am slightly disappointed (yes I know the reference is slightly overused but it just fit in so well))

Now, I know, you guys can all go to the website to hear and see a lot of what we do. But I figure it may be better to read about all that we do in one place rather than clicking through pages that took us hours to make. So, let’s start with what we currently do.

Right now our team is growing and developing skills in relation to videography and photography. Our team consist of people who have been camera operating for ages, some went to school (college) for this and got a degree, and some preferred to learn on the job. This in no way affects their abilities or differs their talents, all members of our team teach one and other. We have a few interns that join us on jobs to get the skills they need to do it on their own, we are very big into teaching. We do all sorts of things with our talents, we do everything from weddings to conferences to documentaries to interviews to live boxing matches. We also have a number of drone operators, which has come in handy before. We love doing whatever fun adventure comes our way. This goes for all of our team members not just Jeremy and I. Our business started about 2 years ago, we may be newer but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know what we are doing. Our reel showcases what we have done, If you like what you see, please contact us. We love working with new people just as much as we love working with our long time clients.

Now that you know what we are currently doing, let’s talk about our future.

For those that don’t know, A1T Productions & Photography Inc. stands for All at 1 Time. We chose this as our meaning, logo, name, everything because we have plans to be an all in house event venue. Meaning that our guests can plan there event at our venue using our team to plan every aspect an event needs. For example, when one begins to plan an event, say a wedding, there are a number of things they need: a venue, food, rental equipment, like tables and chairs, a DJ, sound gear, a photographer, videographer, decorations, and so much more. While most places here in Vegas offer packages like this, most of them outsource, meaning they bring in different companies to do all of these things for them. This means that you are left with different contracts, different people you have to talk to all with different goals and values, the main one being to get your money. This, however is not what we want to do, we want our company to be all in house, the venue, food, music, rentals, and everything else, will come from A1T Productions & Photography Inc. This way you will get a cheaper price, a team that all have the same goal. That goal being to plan a fantastic event that you and your guest will enjoy without the risk of someone flaking or causing any problems. Now not to confuse you, our team will not just be focused on events, we will still be sending out video and photo teams out where they are needed, like outside weddings, secrete proposals, conferences, concerts, and various other event that can come our way. Our team will also be more than happy to be used as an outside vendor, meaning if someone needs only a Dj we can use one of our Djs for that event.

That is our overall goal. Right now, however, our team is pretty small, so, our main focus is to build up each section individually, currently our video team is top notch, our photo team is ever growing and learning new things daily, our dj and Pa systems are in the works to be amazing, and our events staff is starting up soon as well.

Currently our team is located in Las Vegas, but we love to travel. Our video and photo team has traveled to various places already and we can not wait to explore more of them. Our goal for travel is to be able to do as much travel as possible, we don’t just want to work in the states, we would love to travel all around the world to do whatever work comes our way.

Our team, as of now, will continue to grow and learn as much as we can about as many things as we can, currently mostly related to film and photography. So if any of you need any of the services listed throughout this post we will be more than happy to help. Don’t forget to visit our website and contact us if you guys have any questions. More post are on the way!