The Good Can Come From The Bad

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As a videographer, it can not be said enough, be prepared for anything. Now I know this saying is not only used in the production world, and I’m not saying that’s the only time you should be prepared for anything. It’s just my experience has proven that this is a necessary step for any one new or old to the production world. However sometimes things just don’t work out at all the way they were expected to.

Now Jeremy and I always do our best to be prepared for anything and if we do forget something, we try to always do the best we can with what we have.

Story time: a few days ago we had planned to go shoot a beautiful couple engagement photos in a park called the wetlands. I know being called the wetlands we should expect it to be wet. However Vegas weather has always had a mind of it’s own. So, it started pouring on us, not at all what we expected especially after checking the weather multiple times throughout the days and weeks before the shoot. So we try to readjust to fit the weather. Thinking wed be okay, we pull out the umbrellas and water proof anything we can. Only to realize the bride to be will freeze in the icy rain in a sleeveless dress and no jacket. Thus the bride had to call it off and reschedule the shoot for the next best possible date and we are all eagerly awaiting it.

It sucked that we had to reschedule but it ended up being for the better. Jeremy and I stayed out in the rain to scout for better locations and to test out some of our new gear. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that we did that. We found some beautiful new places to explore and even better photo spots than we had before. We are now more confident that the photos are going to turn out better than before for the beautiful future mr. and mrs..

Sometimes you just have to trust that everything is going to be okay and remember that’s it’s always better to have a positive attitude even when things change or don’t go the way you planned.

I really hope this message helps someone to think and breathe before they react. Things might not go as planned but your attitude about it will affect your work and your ability to get future work. You never know what good things can come out of a bad situation.

Think, breathe, believe. Everything will be okay.