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For not being a social person, I do a lot of talking to people. Mostly those being photographed, I make the models comfortable and pose them which can get pretty awkward. Overall i just don’t think I'm the biggest fan of doing photo shoots, to me they are just the same boring repetitive thing over and over again. “Oh face this direction, look this way, smile, don’t smile, put your arms like this and your legs like this. Perfect. Ready?” As I said before, I am always up for an adventure, I love not knowing what is going to happen next, and unfortunately that is not what happens during photo shoots. Some photographers just aren’t what I was expecting of them, their personality was great but their photos not so much. Now before I worry you, our company always looks at the photos taken and teaches the photographers how to shoot based on our standards, so you can rest assured that our photographers are top notch. But If you don’t go with us (why would you not???) here are some tips I've picked up to find a great photographer and to get some great photos.

Number one, the locations. Look for colors, those are huge when it comes to photos. Jeremy and I prefer outdoor photos, natural light is always the best. And if you want the best looking photos always try to hit magic hour, thats a half an hour after the sun comes up or goes down. The magic hour photos are always the best, however they can be a bit rushed because you only have a half an hour to get some really great photos. But trust me it’s worth it. Also, choose somewhere comfortable if you are looking for posed shots. The more comfortable you are in the environment the better, if you are going outdoors, be sure to take a minute to enjoy the scenery, it always helps me to calm down for a few minutes before the shoot takes place.

Number 2: the models. Some families are so much fun. They crack jokes and are okay with Jeremy and I having fun with it, as it most of the time makes the shots look better. They cooperate, they make me feel more comfortable telling them what I like, what I think makes them look good and what doesn’t. On top of that having a little fun with the people you are being photographed with. The more natural the smile, the more beautiful you look. Have some fun, don’t be too stiff.

Number three, The type of photo shoot. They kind of photo shoot that we are on makes a world of difference, for example, a photo shoot that is considered dirty or scandalous, isn’t one you will find Jeremy and I at, it’s just not our style and more than that it makes us uncomfortable. But one for family portraits is a blast. Little kids are so adorable, and it’s a really proud feeling when you are able to capture them doing something adorable (because anyone who as kids knows that that adorable moment won’t last long) or fashion shoots. I don’t mean to be mean, but it’s really fun to judge the clothing, mainly on whether or not I would wear it, and how we think it looks on the model. The conference shoots aren’t as fun, but it’s always cool to hear what they are about, to hear the speakers perspectives and the food at them are almost always a big big hit. So I guess what I’m saying is to be aware of the values of your photographer, if they don’t enjoy what they are doing, the photos will not turn out as well as they could have. That doesn’t mean they won’t get the job done, it just means they won’t put their heart and soul into the photos Trust me, that makes a world of difference.

Number four: get a photographer that know what they are doing. Sure now a days everyone has a camera in their pockets, ready for on the go photos. But do you really want crappy photos? The camera quality on any phone is pretty bad in comparison to a real camera. So number one, make sure your photographer has a camera. Then make sure they know how to use it. A photographer that is proud of their work will almost always show you a few shots throughout or after the day, if they don’t, ask, if they say no, then maybe wonder how great your photos look.. It’s tough to find a great photographer, but one key is to look through their portfolio, thats where their best photos can be seen before you choose which photographer to go with.

Overall, you really just have to love what you are doing, and make sure your photographer does too. That’s how to get the best photos. Every photo shoot has it’s good parts and bad parts, but most of the time we are able to work around the bad to get you the best shots possible. It may not be fun 24/7, but then again, what is?

The most important things to remember are: have fun, you’re more beautiful when you have a natural smile and are having fun with what you do. Be aware of the beauty of the location, even if you don’t see it at first, if you have a great photographer you will see it in the pictures. And lastly be passionate about what you are doing, whether it be getting family photos and spending time with your family, or having a conference that needs more outreach for important subjects. Love what you do, it will show through your photos.