The Day Every Little Girl Dreams Of

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I know our company currently does more things relating to videography and photography over everything else, but seeing as I don’t do much in relation to that, I decided that I should talk about what I know.

As I mentioned before I work in the hospitality industry, but more specifically I want to be an event planner. I studied how to plan events a lot in high school (I went to a magnet school here in vegas where I was able to take college classes in high school and I studied hospitality, marketing, and entrepreneurship) and even more studying in college (I’m still taking classes in college (I have not graduated yet, but I’m getting there). Throughout the years, I was able to practice planning events for real people, big people and I did many events where I was in charge of large groups of my peers to run all sorts of events like ones about robotics and engineering (subjects I know nothing about other than how to build legos and make copies of signs), and fancy events for big members of our communities like renowned chefs and managers of major hotels here in Vegas (like the Aria, one of my personally favorite hotels here) and I was able to quickly axcell to the top of the class.
In college we got a lot less hands on learning and leaned more towards textbook information. But now as a part of A1T Productions & Photography Inc., I have recently gotten the job to plan a wedding.
I have to say that I am excited to help the bride to be, but I’m also kind of nervous. This is my first event that I will be planning without the supervision of a teacher or superior. This will be my first event done all on my own. So far it’s been a challenge, so much still needs to get done and I feel like the date is coming up in no time at all. I’m confident in my abilities to plan a wedding and I’m confident that things will go well.
Im also super excited to go back to being in the field, doing this all hands on, its what I've been waiting for, dreaming of doing for years. And now, now I have the chance to do it.

It helps a lot that we already have a lot set up like the videographer and photographer and the rentals and the decorations and desserts. But there is still more to go.

I’m still learning new things every day, things I never even thought about before. So it’s interesting to see how things are working out. Later on I’ll post some tips about how to plan a wedding, I’ll show you some of the things I’ve been learning and some key things to look out for.

I hope they help. And I hope those who read this are able to get a little more insight on what it is we are doing at A1T Productions & Photography Inc.

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